3D Printing is Revolutionising the way we Work, Teach and Learn

The requirement for a 3D printer in education isn’t always realised until the limitless uses for them are understood. Here at Leco Computer Supplies we aim to support you through this journey, from finding the machine that fits your needs or assistance to finding the best CAD software that suits you requirements and budget.

The use of a 3D printer gives cost and time saving within manufacturing and enhancement to any teacher’s classroom. 3D printers make invaluable tools; coupled with the range of filaments available from flexible to wood you can create outstanding models every time with ease.

3D printing is often perceived as expensive and time consuming but with 3D printers available for as little as £300 and the filaments from £30 the cost becomes negligible when compared to the benefits they bring.

We will always find the machine that fits your needs and support you throughout your 3D printing journey, offering demonstrations and installations along with support at any point, be it one month or one year from your purchase.

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Deciding why you need a 3D printer becomes clear with the extensive uses for them in education detailed in this section. How they can be applied within STEM and longer term within a student’s future career is very important within the decision making process for adopting 3D printing in your school, college or university.


Find information on your current product or have a look at the next exciting addition you could make to your 3D printer family. From supplies to machines, here we have it all and will help you every step of the way ensuring you get the right 3D printer and supplies to fulfill your requirements.


Our aim is to make 3D printing simple and accessible for all. Here in our resources section we supply information of the many different CAD software packages, lesson plans and 3D printable files for you to use. Allowing 3D printing to be integrated into your lesson seamlessly.

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Would you like to know more? One of our technical experts can come visit you to demonstrate how 3D printing can be of benefit to your teaching environment.